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American Reformers 1815-1860 Peter Smith Pub Inc Ronald G. Walters

30th April 2012 History Books 11 Comments
For this new edition of American Reformers 1815-1860, Ronald G. Walters has amplified and updated his exploration of the fervent and diverse outburst of reform energy that shaped American history in the early years of the Republic. Capturing in style and substance the vigorous and often flamboyant men and women who crusaded for such causes as abolition, temperance, women's suffrage, and improved health care, Walters presents a brilliant analysis of how the reformers' radical belief that individuals could fix what ailed America both reflected major transformations in antebellum society and ...
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The First and Second Declarations of Havana:Manifestos of revolutionary struggle in the Americas adopted by the Cuban people documents–edited Mary-Alice Waters Pathfinder Press 3rd edition

30th April 2012 History Books 4 Comments
"A new preface, a special twelve-page section of black and white photographic plates, glossary, chronology, and index.... Remains as sharply focused a call to revolutionary struggle today as it was forty-five years ago. A valuable contribution to Cuban history and political rhetoric shelves." -- Wisconsin Bookwatch"Vital to a full understanding of the Cuban Missile Crisis ...beautifully edited and illustrated ... highly appropriate for any course in modern Caribbean politics, cold war history, Cuban history, or military history ... a full and sincere look at the often overlooked Cuban ...
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War and Economy in the Third Reich Oxford University Press USA R. J. Overy

30th April 2012 History Books 21 Comments
When Hitler came to power in 1933 he had two aims for the economy: a rapid recovery from the depths of the Great Slump and the creation of a vast economic foundation for Germany's renewed bid for world power. These eleven essays explore the tension between Hitler's vision of an armed economy and the reality of German economic and social life. Richard Overy argues that the German economy was much less crisis-ridden in 1939 than its enemies supposed, and that Hitler, far from limiting his war effort, tried to mobilize the economy for "total war" from 1939 onwards. Only the poor organization of ...
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The Russian Empire: A Multi-Ethnic History Longman 1 edition Andreas Kappeler

30th April 2012 History Books 2 Comments
The "national question" and how to impose control over its diverse ethnic identities has long posed a problem for the Russian state. This major survey of Russia as a multi-ethnic empire spans the imperial years from the sixteenth century to 1917, with major consideration of the Soviet phase.It asks how Russians incorporated new territories, how they were resisted, what the character of a multi-ethnic empire was and how, finally, these issues related to nationalism. "an extremely timely book, for it is the first history of Russia which does the imperial theme full justice" Geoffrey Hosking, ...
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The European Economy since 1945: Coordinated Capitalism and Beyond Princeton University Press Barry Eichengreen

30th April 2012 History Books 8 Comments
In 1945, many Europeans still heated with coal, cooled their food with ice, and lacked indoor plumbing. Today, things could hardly be more different. Over the second half of the twentieth century, the average European's buying power tripled, while working hours fell by a third. The European Economy since 1945 is a broad, accessible, forthright account of the extraordinary development of Europe's economy since the end of World War II. Barry Eichengreen argues that the continent's history has been critical to its economic performance, and that it will continue to be so going forward. ...
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The Rise of Modern China Immanuel C. Y. Hsü Oxford University Press 5th edition

30th April 2012 History Books 38 Comments
Praise for the previous edition:"Perhaps the most lively account of modern China -- full of meticulous data as well as fascinating episodic illustrations. A great fusion of social science and humanisitic approaches." -- Vipan Chandra Wheaton College"A classic comprehensive work with broad appeal." -- Richard H. Bradford, West Virginia Tech"The best textbook on modern China in all languages, including Chinese .... It is comprehensive and yet interesting to read." -- Key Ray Chong, Texas Tech University"A work of splendid balance and narrative clarity." -- Harry Dahlheimer, SUNY Cortland ...
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The Art of Dress: Clothes Through History 1500-1914 National Trust Jane Ashelford

30th April 2012 History Books 10 Comments
Afascinating account of the history of dress over the past four centuries, this volume is asumptuous visual feast for all costume designers, historians, fashion students, and fashion lovers During the four centuries treated here, fashion was the province of rank and wealth; myriad conventions applied to all occasions and social strata. Historian Ashelford offers not only descriptions of garment details and of the manner of wearing in historical context but also excerpts from writtings by contemporaries. Her presentation is synchronized with over 260 paintings, drawings, and ...
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The Return of Lucretius to Renaissance Florence Harvard University Press Alison Brown

30th April 2012 History Books 5 Comments
In this first comprehensive study of the effect of Lucretius's De rerum natura on Florentine thought in the Renaissance, Alison Brown demonstrates how Lucretius was used by Florentine thinkers—earlier and more widely than has been supposed—to provide a radical critique of prevailing orthodoxies. To answer the question of why ordinary Florentines were drawn to this recently discovered text, despite its threat to orthodox Christian belief, Brown tracks interest in it through three humanists—the most famous of whom was Machiavelli—all working not as philologists but as practical ...
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Maus a Survivors Tale: My Father Bleeds History Art Spiegelman Pantheon Books

30th April 2012 History Books 51 Comments
Some historical events simply beggar any attempt at description--the Holocaust is one of these. Therefore, as it recedes and the people able to bear witness die, it becomes more and more essential that novel, vigorous methods are used to describe the indescribable. Examined in these terms, Art Spiegelman's Maus is a tremendous achievement, from a historical perspective as well as an artistic one. Spiegelman, a stalwart of the underground comics scene of the 1960s and '70s, interviewed his father, Vladek, a Holocaust survivor living outside New York City, about his experiences. ...
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The Welsh Castles of Edward I Hambledon Continuum A. J. Taylor

30th April 2012 History Books 2 Comments
Arnold Taylor, the leading expert on the subject, provides an authoritative guide to the castles, begun between 1277 and 1295, in a short compass. He deals with their joint and individual features, dates, planning and construction. Arnold Taylor, the leading expert on the subject, provides an authoritative guide to the castles, begun between 1277 and 1295, in a short compass. He deals with their joint and individual features, dates, planning and construction. The Welsh Castles of Edward I ...
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