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Foreign Devils on the Silk Road: The Search for Lost Cities and Treasures of Chinese Central Asia Peter Hopkirk John Murray Publishers Ltd

31st January 2012 History Books 33 Comments
'Recounted with great skill ... opens a window onto a fascinating world' -- Financial Times 'Highly readable and elegant' -- Times Literary Supplement --This text refers to the Paperback edition. Peter Hopkirk has traveled widely in the regions where his six books are setCentral Asia, the Caucasus, China, India and Pakistan, Iran, and Eastern Turkey. He has worked for twenty years on the Times. --This text refers to the Paperback edition. The Silk Road, the great trans-Asian highway linking Imperial Rome to China, reached the height of its importance during the T'ang Dynasty. ...
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Pictures without Borders: Bosnia Revisited Dewi Lewis Publishing First edition Steve Horn

31st January 2012 History Books 11 Comments
Steve Horn first visited the Balkans in 1970. In 2003 he returned, retracing his tracks, revisiting the villages and towns of his previous trip and tracking down the people who he had met 30 years earlier. A poignant story, including several personal contributions from those he met during his travels. Steve Horn studied with Paul Caponigro. His photographs are in many collections, including those of Yale University, Seattle Arts Commission, and Travnik Natural History Museum in Bosnia. A professional photographer since the mid-1980s, Steve Horn specialiises in documentary work. A student ...
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So You’re Working for the Catholic Church: A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition

31st January 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
An overview for new church employees coming in touch with the church, perhaps for the first time, or refreshing their acquaintance withCatholic tradition.So You're Working for the Catholic Church: A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition ...
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The Power of Servant Leadership

31st January 2012 Christian Books 13 Comments
"The Power of Servant Leadership" is a collection of Robert Greenleaf's finest and most mature works and an unexpected sequel to his "Servant Leadership." These pieces were designed to stimulate and inspire people in the practice of a more caring leadership and reflect Greenleaf's continual refinement of his servant-as-leader concept, focusing on issues such as spirit, commitment to vision, and seeing things whole. "An extraordinary collection of Greenleaf's finest and most mature essays on servant-leadership, spirit, and wholeness....It is destined to become a classic." -- Max ...
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Samurai and Silk: A Japanese and American Heritage Haru Matsukata Reischauer Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

31st January 2012 History Books 12 Comments
Reischauer, wife of a noted Japanese historian and former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, tells the story of her two grandfathers: the famous Meiji statesman Matsukata Masayoshi, whose stringent financial policies are credited with steering Japan safely through its first economic crisis, and Arai Rioichiro, who helped develop Japan's silk exports to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Their lives, inextricably interwoven with modern Japanese history, are vividly presented, along with fascinating glimpses of the family life of Japan's upper class in this period. The book ...
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You Can’t Say That!: The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties from Antidiscrimination Laws Cato Institute First Edition edition David E. Berstein

31st January 2012 History Books 37 Comments
In a misguided attempt to eradicate every vestige of discrimination in our society, activists and courts are using antidiscrimination laws to erode civil liberties such as free speech, the free exercise of religion, and freedom of association. "If you're looking to start an argument, take this book to an ACLU meeting." -- The New York Post"You Can't Say That!" does an excellent and methodical job of cataloguing the insanity of anti-discrimination run amok." -- The Washington Times"[Bernstein] demonstrates that...'activists' for one cause or another have shown a willingness to trample on ...
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Collected Plays 2 History & Criticism African Wole Soyinka Oxford University Press USA

31st January 2012 Literature & Fiction 1 Comment
"Thanks for publishing these plays!"--Louis J. Hinkel, Jr., Emory Univ. Wole Soyinka is a celebrated Nigerian writer and winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize for Literature. As well as plays he has written two novels, two volumes of poetry, and The Man Died, notes of his prison experience. His other plays include The Lion and the Jewel, Kongi's Harvest, The Trails of Brother Jero, Jero's Metamorphosis, and Madmen and Specialists. He has a new book, The Open Sore of a Continent, published in in June 1996. '"The Lion and the Jewel" alone is enough to establish Nigeria as the most ...
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Damascus Nights World Literature Middle Eastern Arabic Rafik Schami Interlink Pub Group

31st January 2012 Literature & Fiction 8 Comments
This wonderful book is enlightening and endearing, witty and wise. Salim the coachman tells enchanting tales, but suddenly he is struck dumb. Just as Scheherazade told tales to save her life, Salim's friends must spin yarns to save his speech. Set in Damascus in 1959, the novel alternates the real lives of our storytellers with stories from the distant past. These are neither fables nor fairy tales with everlasting, happy endings, and they often require readers to suspend their disbelief. Each chapter is preceded by a one-line hint of what is to come, such as "How one person's true story ...
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Portrait of the Panama Canal William Friar Graphic Arts Books

31st January 2012 History Books 34 Comments
William Friar lives in San Francisco, CA. This lively collection of historic and contemporary photographs accompanied by insightful text showcases one of the true wonders of the world.Portrait of the Panama Canal The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914 On December 31, 1999, after nearly a century of rule, the United States officially ceded ownership of the Panama Canal to the nation of Panama. That nation did not exist when, in the mid-19th century, Europeans first began to explore the possibilities of creating a link between the Atlantic and ...
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Pirate Sun: Book Three of Virga Tor Books 1st edition Karl Schroeder

31st January 2012 Literature & Fiction 10 Comments
Return to Virga, a bubble universe artificially separated from our own future universe, and the setting of Sun of Suns and Queen of Candesce. Chaison Fanning, the admiral of a fleet of warships, has been captured and imprisoned by his enemies, but is suddenly rescued and set free. He flees through the sky to his home city to confront the ruler who betrayed him. And perhaps even to regain his lovely, powerful, and subversive wife, Venera, who he has not seen since she fled with the key to the artificial sun at the center of Virga, Candesce.Schroeder sets a whole new standard for hard SF space ...
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