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Forging Democracy: The History of the Left in Europe 1850-2000 Geoff Eley Oxford University Press USA

30th April 2011 History Books 21 Comments
The central thesis of this massive historical study is that an assortment of radical and leftist movements were chiefly responsible for the triumph of democracy in Europe. Eley (history, Univ. of Michigan; Reshaping the German Right) provides a chronological and country-by-country examination of the emergence of democracy and the factors that promoted and hindered its development. Beginning with the growth of liberal constitutionalism in the 1860s, he writes eloquently about the influence of the labor movement, Socialists, Communists, and feminists throughout Europe. This history ...
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For the Love of God

30th April 2011 Christian Books 25 Comments
Complete with a daily Bible-reading plan, this devotional is sure to encourage and edify readers as they make their way through God's Word in the course of a year.For the Love of God God Who Is There, The: Finding Your Place in God's Story Do you really know what the Bible is about?Most people--even most Christians--do not have a basic working knowledge of the Bible. How can we understand the story of God--and our part in it--when we're not familiar with it? In this basic introduction to faith, D. A. Carson takes you through the big story of Scripture to help you know what you ...
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The Sexual Life of Catherine M. Catherine Millet Grove Press

30th April 2011 Literature & Fiction 50 Comments
Millet, art critic and editor of Art Press, has become a literary sensation in France with the publication of this graphic memoir of some 30 years of her sexual adventures. Millet's "gift for observation" and her "solid superego" are as useful in her career as an art critic as they are in her erotic explorations: her ability to concentrate and observe puts her inside "other people's skins." Comparisons have been made to The Story Of O, but Millet is more in the tradition of Jean Genet and Violette Leduc, whose descriptions of their sexual encounters were not meant to titillate so much as ...
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Junkyard Ghost Revival Write Bloody Publishing Anis Mojgani

30th April 2011 Literature & Fiction 1 Comment
This book contains poetry from a small team of wildly unique, talented and award-winning authors who have been touring the world for years. They have united for a once in a lifetime tour to perform their work and to charge the hearts of America with gut-splitting, lust wrangling, socially active verse. This is the Junkyard Ghost Revival. Anis Mojgani is a two time National Poetry Slam Champion and winner of the International World Cup Poetry Slam. A Pushcart Prize Nominee and former resident of the Oregon Literary Arts Writer's-In-The-Schools program, Anis has performed at numerous ...
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Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln Twelve John Stauffer

30th April 2011 History Books 22 Comments
Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln were the preeminent self-made men of their time. In this masterful dual biography, award-winning HarvardUniversity scholar John Stauffer describes the transformations in the lives of these two giants during a major shift in cultural history, when men rejected the status quo and embraced new ideals of personal liberty. As Douglass and Lincoln reinvented themselves and ultimately became friends, they transformed America.Lincoln was born dirt poor, had less than one year of formal schooling, and became the nation's greatest president. Douglass spent the ...
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Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina

30th April 2011 Christian Books 20 Comments
Examines the Western tradition of lectio divina (a spiritual and prayerful approach to reading the sacred texts) in order to help readers expand their spiritual approach to living. Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina ...
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Benjamin Franklin Unmasked: On the Unity of His Moral Religious and Political Thought ) University Press of Kansas Jerry Weinberger

30th April 2011 History Books 5 Comments
Moral paragon, public servant, founding father; scoundrel, opportunist, womanizing phony: There are many Benjamin Franklins. Now, as we celebrate the tercentenary of Franklin's birth, Jerry Weinberger reveals the Franklin behind the many masks and shows that the real Franklin was far more remarkable than anyone has yet discovered. Taking the Autobiography as the key to Franklin's thought, Weinberger argues that previous assessments have not yet probed to the bottom of Ben's famous irony and elusiveness. While others take the self-portrait as an elder statesman's relaxed and playful ...
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Innocence Abroad: The Dutch Imagination and the New World 1570-1670 Cambridge University Press 1 edition Benjamin Schmidt

30th April 2011 History Books 2 Comments
Innocence Abroad explores the process of encounter that took place between the Netherlands and the New World in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The "discovery" of America coincided with the foundation of the Dutch Republic, a correspondence of much significance for the Netherlands. From the opening of their Revolt against Hapsburg Spain through the climax of their Golden Age, the Dutch looked to America--in political pamphlets and patriotic histories, epic poetry and allegorical prints, landscape painting and decorative maps--for a means of articulating a new national identity. ...
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Prayers And Promises for Supernatural Childbirth

30th April 2011 Christian Books 25 Comments
A Bundle of Joy for Every Woman Whose Heart Longs to be a Mommy Ten million people each year sufferoften in private shame and painbecause theyve been told that they can never conceive children of their own as a couple (literally billions of dollars are spent each year on fertility cures); or because theyve been conditioned to believe that its normal to struggle through a painful and difficult pregnancy; or because they fear whether they have what it takes to be affirming, joyful parents. Jackie Mizewho was told it was impossible for her to have a baby and who is now the mother of four ...
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The Architects Stefan Heym Northwestern University Press 1 edition

30th April 2011 Literature & Fiction 3 Comments
"Fiction on this subject could only be attempted by someone whose desire for truth was absolute and who could publish his work in another country and another language. In the 1950s there was only one writer in the German Demorcratic Republic who was in this position."-Peter Hutchinson, from the foreword Stefan Heym (1913-2001) was the author of more than a dozen novels. After escaping the Nazis, joining the United States Army, and obtaining U.S. citizenship, he returned to East Germany in the 1950s. His novels The King David Report (1997) and The Wandering Jew (1999) are also ...
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