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Kaydon Company announces the dividend of first quarter of 2011

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments
Kaydon Company NYSE: KDN The board of directors announced the fixed quarter of every strand of 0.19 dollars of company's common share dividend on February 25, 2011. This dividend would list to pool the east register on March 14, 2011, and paid to shareholders on April 4, 2011. Kaydon Company is customized products, high-performance design of products and manufacturer, provide but the service in alternative energy source, industry, aviation, medical treatment, electronic device and market after sale,etc. respect for the masses of customers. Contact: Chairman ...
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In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex Viking Adult Nathaniel Philbrick

28th February 2011 History Books 52 Comments
In the Heart of the Sea brings to new life the incredible story of the wreck of the whaleship Essex--an event as mythic in its own century as the Titanic disaster in ours, and the inspiration for the climax of Moby-Dick. In a harrowing page-turner, Nathaniel Philbrick restores this epic story to its rightful place in American history.In 1820, the 240-ton Essex set sail from Nantucket on a routine voyage for whales. Fifteen months later, in the farthest reaches of the South Pacific, it was repeatedly rammed and sunk by an eighty-ton bull sperm whale. Its twenty-man crew, fearing cannibals on ...
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Havana la Habana Nancy Stout Rizzoli

28th February 2011 History Books 15 Comments
Havana, a city few of us have been able to visit, is reputedly one of the most beautiful cities in the Western Hemisphere. Photographer Stout (Great American Thoroughbred Racetracks, Rizzoli, 1991) and writer Rigau (Puerto Rico 1900, Rizzoli, 1992) have assembled a volume of magnificent images of Havana and its streets, spaces, and architecture. Spanish colonial architecture dominates, together with the unmistakable colors and styles of Caribbean design. The often stark photographs are notable for their sense of decay and for the absence of people. A Spanish translation of the text is ...
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Afghanistan Where God Only Comes to Weep Siba Shakib Random House UK

28th February 2011 History Books 31 Comments
One woman?s harrowing story about life under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Shirin-Gol was just a young girl when her village was levelled by the Russians in 1979. When the men in her family joined the resistance, she fled with the other women and children to Kabul, and so began a life of day-to-day struggle in her war-torn country.A life that included a Pakistani refugee camp, a forced marriage to pay off her brother?s gambling debts, selling her body and begging for money to feed her growing family, an attempted suicide and an unsuccessful attempt to leave Afghanistan for Iran after ...
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Policing Shanghai 1927-1937 Frederic Wakeman Jr. University of California Press

28th February 2011 History Books 3 Comments
Frederic Wakeman, Jr. is Haas Professor of Asian Studies and Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of The Great Enterprise: The Manchu Reconstruction of Imperial Order in Seventeenth-Century China (California, 1985). Prewar Shanghai: casinos, brothels, Green Gang racketeers, narcotics syndicates, gun-runners, underground Communist assassins, Comitern secret agents. Frederic Wakeman's masterful study of the most colorful and corrupt city in the world at the time provides a panoramic view of the confrontation and ...
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Roman Women Cambridge University Press Eve D’Ambra

28th February 2011 History Books 20 Comments
This book examines the daily lives of Roman women by focusing on the mundane and less celebrated aspects of daily life - family and household, work and leisure, worship and social obligations - of women of different social ranks. Using a variety of sources, including literary texts, letters, inscriptions, coins, tableware, furniture, and the fine arts, from the late Republic to the high Imperial period, Eve D'Ambra shows how these sources serve as objects of social analysis, rather than simply as documents that recreate how life was lived. She also demonstrates how texts and material objects ...
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American Nations: Encounters in Indian Country 1850 to the Present Frederick Hoxie Routledge 1 edition

28th February 2011 History Books 22 Comments
The "tale about the triumph of civilization has played a central role in shaping the American national identity," contend Frederick E. Hoxie (A Final Promise), Peter C. Mancall (Valley of Opportunity) and James H. Merrell (The Indians' New World), editors of American Nations: Encounters in Indian Country, 1850 to the Present. Twenty-three essays by academics consider the historical, cultural, religious and political circumstances of various Native American peoples. Melissa L. Meyer presents "Signatures and Thumbprints: Ethnicity Among the White Earth Anishinaabeg"; Sergei Kan explores ...
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1776: The Illustrated Edition Simon & Schuster David McCullough

28th February 2011 History Books 52 Comments
With a new introduction by David McCullough, 1776: The Illustrated Edition brings 140 powerful images and 37 removable replicas of source documents to this remarkable drama. In 1776, David McCullough's bestselling account of a pivotal year in our nation's struggle, readers learned of the greatest defeats, providential fortune, and courageous triumphs of George Washington and his bedraggled army. Now, in 1776: The Illustrated Edition, the efforts of the Continental Army are made even more personal, as an excerpted version of the original book is paired with letters, maps, and seminal artwork. ...
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Russian Journal Random House 1st edition Andrea Lee

28th February 2011 History Books 10 Comments
A subtly crafted reflection of both the bleak and golden shadings of Russian life . . . Its tones belong more to the realm of poetry than journalism. The New York Times Book ReviewAt age twenty-five, Andrea Lee joined her husband, a Harvard doctoral candidate in Russian history, for his eight months study at Moscow State University and an additional two months in Leningrad. Published to enormous critical acclaim in 1981, Russian Journal is the award-winning authors penetrating, vivid account of her everyday life as an expatriate in Soviet culture, chronicling her fascinating exchanges with ...
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The Times of Their Lives: Life Love and Death in Plymouth Colony Anchor James Deetz

28th February 2011 History Books 19 Comments
James Deetz, who until his death was a leading expert on the archaeology of Plymouth Colony, and his wife, cultural historian Patricia Scott Deetz, give a realistic and fascinating picture of life in colonial America as they recount, in colorful detail, the true story of Plymouth Colony.The Pilgrims were not the somber, dark-clad historical figures children learn about in school. Nor were they nearly as pious as we've been led to believe: they wore brightly colored clothing, drank heavily, had adulterous affairs, and committed both petty and serious crimes against their neighbors. Using court ...
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