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150BTR10H bearing

23rd October 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The characteristic that the angle of two-way thrust is exposed to the ball bearing can bear radial and axially loaded union load at the same time, limit the axial displacement of two respects of the axle. It is by outer lane, inner circle, steel ball, keep the shelf making up, can work at higher speed steadily. Should notice, though the bearing can bear the two-way axial load, when one side hold ball gaps at the time of installation, should notice that don’t let the main axial load be passed by the ditch of one side with gap.

The name of product: 150BTR10H bearing New type: 150BTR10H bearing use: Thrust ball bearing bear ability of axial force, contact ball bearing loud a lot than horn ‘ It is about twice) . The bearing precision that the angle of thrust is exposed to the ball has a lot more high precision than thrust ball bearing, but there is high a lot rotational speed born, can serve as main shaft bearing. Type: The angle of thrust contacts the ball bearing

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