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1216 bearings

9th November 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Adjusting the heart ball bearing has two kinds of structure of cylinder hole and taper hole, the material which keeps the shelf is stencil plates, synthetic resin,etc.. It features the outer lane rolls one takes the form of sphere, adjust the disposition automatically, can compensate different heart degree and axle deflection and make and adjust the error that the heart ball bearing becomes. Transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing, have two steel ball, inner circle have two roll dish, outer lane get away dish as inner sphere shape, have performance of adjusting the heart automatically. Can compensate because one degree of errors of co-axle that produces out of shape of bending and shell of the axle automatically, suitable for supporting the seat hole not can’t be guaranteed in the part of degree of the strict co-axling. This kind of bearing mainly bears the radial load, while bearing the radial load, can also bear the axial load of small quantity, is not usually used for bearing the purely axial load, such as bearing purely to the load, only one row steel ball receives the force.
Concrete classification and type contrast:
1,Cylinder hole transfer heart ball bearing ‘ 10000 type) ;
2,Taper hole transfer heart ball bearing ‘ 10000 K type) ;
3,Lead, make to transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing set closely ‘ 10000 K H10000 type)
Note: Transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing, have the intersection of cylinder and hole, taper hole ‘ 10000 K type) Two kinds, mainly bear the radial load, can bear the smaller loaded axle (outer cover) axially at the same time Confining to limit of backlash displacement,performance if you can’t have automatically, transfer on heart, while allowing, the periphery is relatively too sloping to greater than -. Condition under work normally,suitable for supporting by of holing can’t last co-axle strictly in the parts of the degrees.
3,Lead, make to transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing set closely ‘ 10000 K H10000 type)
Note: The same this bearing is uses mainly for not having on optical axis of the shoulder, it is convenient to install and dismantle, by making backlash of one set of adjustable radials closely. Receive, inspire confidence in the intersection of Seiko and the intersection of bearing and Co., Ltd., make more efforts, keep forging ahead, repay the the masses of customer so as to better, more high-efficient service! Telephone number: 0635-2101236 mobile phones: 15288740199 ; 13869552020 ; QQ: 1415514907

The name of product: The new type of 1216 bearings: 1216 bearing uses: It is suitable for bearing the heavy load and assaulting the load adjusting the heart ball bearing, trades such as accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car, motorcycle, metallurgy, rolling mill, mine with low noise, petroleum, papermaking, cement, pressing candies,etc. and general machinery,etc.. Type: Adjust the heart ball bearing

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